Étoile by Élysée

The Beautiful Bridal collection was re-branded ÉTOILE in 2020 and became part of the ÉLYSÉE Divison, updating the Beautiful line with a fresh infusion of elegance and youthful, feminine styling. Brides will recognize the aesthetic inspired by ÉTOILE’s sister line ÉLYSÉE, but will discover that it has a unique personality all its own; the collection is designed to achieve the same luxury and taste as ÉLYSÉE, but at a modest price point. ÉTOILE will delight brides with its signature body-contouring fit in classic and contemporary silhouettes, along with its subtle yet tastefully modern embellishments. ÉTOILE, French for “STAR,” accentuates each bride’s own natural brilliance allowing her to shine… exactly what stars are meant to do.
Price Range €1,200 – €2,500

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